There will always be a pen for you

Care taken in choosing the most beautiful wood, from fallen or sustainable trees, from around the world, being made here in Ă“bidos, Portugal! Wonderful place!

Or self cast acrylic, creating beautiful effects, colours and texture, slimline or larger pens, there will always be a pen to suit someone.

Our Story

Because one thing pulls another in life, I had to retire from metalworking and returned to a previous love of wood turning.

Making not only pens, but beautiful pens!

They are made with love and care and thinking about the touch, the feel and its purpose. Adding the story of the wood, where it came from and the beauty of it.

From wood, I expanded to pens made of self cast acrylic, which adds a new level of beauty and exquisiteness to the pens. Have a look at them also!

A pen is the tongue of the mind.


Fred Young

Founder, Maker, Artisan

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